Trauma Therapy: Psychosis

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis ( 2023 )

Trauma Therapy: Psychosis


Self-help guru Tobin Vance has been exiled to the UK, avoiding arrest from his US operations. Now, he's secretly running more retreats, with the help of a new assistant Elizabeth, and his acolyte John.

Actores: Tom Malloy, David Josh Lawrence, Tom Sizemore, Hannah New, Megan Tremethick, Vince Lozano, Courtney Warner, Stephen Corrall, Jamie Scott Gordon, Craig J. Seath, Gordon Holliday, Tom Malloy, Michael Brewster, Michael Brewster, David Josh Lawrence
Director: Gary Barth
Fecha de estreno: 2023

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Trauma Therapy: Psychosis
2023 Año
Terror, Suspenso Generos