Underverden 2

Underverden 2 ( 2023 )

Underverden 2


Seven years ago, Zaid went to war against the Copenhagen underworld to avenge his dead brother. His identity as a respected doctor of cardiology and life as a family man is but a fading dream, and in prison Zaid suffers the loss of his son Noah, whom he barely knows. When a police agent approaches Zaid and offers him a deal to be released in exchange for infiltrating the Copenhagen underworld, he sees his chance to reclaim the remnants of the family life he left behind. But everything has a price, and Zaid realizes that he has now seriously endangered his son's life. After all, once you become part of the underworld, is there any way out?

Actores: Dar Salim, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Stine Fischer Christensen, Henrik Vestergaard, Soheil Bavi, Jack Pedersen, Mohamed Djeziri, Abud Mustafa, Ahmad Ayman, Sebastian Nørgaard, Hamed "Baloosh" Balosha, Noah Carter, Asgar Hansen
Director: Fenar Ahmad, Fenar Ahmad, Behrouz Bigdeli
Fecha de estreno: 2023

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Underverden 2
2023 Año
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